Start training for your next obstacle race today!

Attention Obstacle Racers – Full Steam Fitness offers private/one-on-one or small group training sessions and large group classes backed by the only official certification in the field, the coveted Spartan SGX!

SGX workouts will not only put you at peak performance for your next big event, they are the springboard for a completely different way of life. Looking for that kick-in-the-pants you need to take your fitness to the next level? Sign up for a Full Steam Fitness Spartan SGX class or training program today!

Here are the details:

    • Classes and programs gradually progress participants through the three phases of SGX training
    • Daily workout assignments and weekly nutrition tips are provided
    • Ultimate Convenience – Private one-on-one and small group sessions can take place at your location or at Flex Appeal, 1946 St. Clair Ave., Saint Paul, MN
    • Private, Individual Coaching as low as $50 per session; your location or at Flex Appeal
    • Small Group Coaching as low as $17 per person at Flex Appeal
    • Large Group Classes: Next Spartan Group Class will be in Spring of 2018 – connect with me on Facebook or Twitter to get details
    • All Spartan training options include a 15% discount code for any U.S. Spartan Race registration!



“Routine and Mundane. That’s where I was at in my workouts. I have always been in good shape but it was time to put a serious spin on it. This training program put a new fight on my doorstep that I couldn’t ignore! These workouts helped me push my other workouts and my hobbies! I have no doubts this class was right for me!” – A.J., a Spartan SGX client who completed his first Trifecta in 2017